Ripped photo with a girl ready for prom and the other side ready for a volleyball match.

Photoshop was used to create a tear between the photos as well as add makeup and eye color in the left photo.

A picture of army soldiers at attention. The men are led by an African-American, female woman.

Use of natural lighting created a pattern on the lawn. The v-shaped stance creates a focal point on the woman and leads the eye toward her.

A young female poses with her 8.25 -pound Sockeye Salmon on the Kenai-Russian River in Alaska.

Tight cropping around the focal point directs the viewer’s attention.

A woman is looking at her reflection in the mirror and loving it.

This photo uses selective focus to draw attention to the reflection. The blurred profile shot leads the eye to the mirror image.

Woman's face shines through the window blind's shadow.

This photo was used with shadows from a window blind. The lines create leading lines. There is also contrast between the dark and light areas in this photo.

A picture of a female dressed in camouflage and holding a bow and arrow.

This photo uses selective focus and depth of field.

A skinny, athletic girl is throwing hammer, a track and field event.

Use of a high shutter speed to capture an action shot of a female hammer thrower.