Sociological Solutions

Symbolic Interactionist Perspective

Symbolic Interactionists argue that this social problem is supported by labeling theory where the media tells us what is and is not acceptable.  Furthermore, once a few women listen to the media, many will follow in suit of the perfect reflection.  This perspective focuses on establishing programs that limit the media’s deception toward society along with support groups for women to discuss the social repercussions from materialism.

Functionalist Perspective

Functionalists believe since society has ignored the evolution of materialism, the solution is to incorporate women into dominant culture.  This will undercut the gender differences and self-esteem issues women face due to the reordering of necessities and materials.

Conflict Perspective

Conflict theorists argue that to solve this issue, they would initiate governmental policies to improve the power imbalance between the media and gender discrimination.

Macro-level Perspective

Enacting laws that forbid and punish individual’s committing this crime against girls and women will show how serious a country or state is about removing it from the communities livelihood.

Micro-level Perspective

A key to preventing this social problem is for societies to take preventative measures by providing resources: doctors, psychiatrists, and support groups.  These outlets will open up the conversation on an issue that has been kept in the dark for far too long.  With these efforts, the communities action to the issue will cause a larger reaction that will ripple into a concrete framework to rid the world of the problem.